For generations, bards have enjoyed spinning the tale to honest folk and their children of the lost Nevermore Mines and the Master of Darkness that resides within. They warn the children that if they misbehave, the Dark Master will come for them, and take them away to be lost in the mines forever. Most folk regard these stories as spirited attempts by bards to make some coin, but the town of Oakvale was just recently attacked by the nightmare from the tales! Will your group be brave enough to travel to the Nevermore Mines to discover and put to rest this great evil?

An adventure for levels 4-7.


This adventure has a small wilderness setting, a few mini-dungeons, and a bigger 2 level dungeon. It follows the For Gold and Glory ruleset, which is similar to second edition of the world's most popular roleplaying game.


Reviews:  Since this review, the Nevermore Mines was updated to trim the verbosity and follow some of the reviewer's recommendations.



The Nevermore Mines

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