A new trade route is being sought through the Dalgarian Canyonlands, pass the Kharazan, Village of Plenty. But the last two expeditions never returned and the merchants are starting to get anxious for the new route, causing bags of gold to change hands.

Meanwhile, the ancient portal, the Maw of Ghormaug, has opened once more and invaders, 'bone men', are beginning to take over territory. No one is safe! Left unchecked, these lands are destined for horror and ruin, unless a brave party steps up to the challenge. An adventure for levels 5-8.


This adventure uses the Labyrinth Lord ruleset. It contains a wilderness area, caves, and a larger dungeon. A Part 2 is coming out later in 2019--Into the Marrow Ravine.









Tar Pits of the Bone Toilers