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Hey all--

I hope everyone is healthy and doing well--this has been a crazy year and a half. I know my D&D group struggled for awhile with quarantine, being technologically challenged and whatnot....I hope everyone has been able to get their 'fix', however they can with this amazing hobby we all share. But more importantly, I hope you all are adapting, thriving, and keeping sane and safe!


Some (not-so) quick updates:

Ascent of the Leviathan-- I plan to do a deep delve into this adventure soon on the blog -in a week or two. Discussing the challenges, dungeon design, the why's, and what to expect--and happy to answer any questions. This will be our next Kickstarter and its designed to be a pre-City of Vermilion adventure. I'm working on gathering together some artists and cracking the whip on some Merchants to bust bust out a few extras in the form of treasure maps! I'm hoping to KS launch sometime in September and would love your support! If you have questions about it as I delve into it, please ask away! I'm excited as Rabenwonne is doing some of the artwork and it looks fantastic so far!!

Coppercore--This project is a monster! Ya, I know I keep bringing it up, but think 8-10 regular adventure modules, with a town, and with a short setting description--all wrapped into one! The town provides a party to have a base of operations, with all kinds of rumors (each tavern has different rumor tables!)--where the PCs choose to investigate/explore whatever catches their interest. Towns should be bustling---and this one is busy from tiny quests to save a cat (cats are important!!), solve a murder, or delve deep into multiple different dungeons in a mountain/glacier setting from the War Tunnels to the Ice Needles of the Cryoptera (updated), all the way to saving the whole town from marauding humanoids. There is a 'story' in the background, but completely optional if the PCs want to follow it or not, this is a sandbox!!!! However, the 'story' may effect PCs as time passes where they can STILL decide to engage OR not! It's designed to be easy for the GM to provide some rumors, flip to the page needed on whatever the PC's bite on and run the adventure from the appropriate appendix. I'm poking Chris Cold again for the cover (cover artist of Palace).

Age of Dusk--I know PrinceofNothing has some ideas for a Part 2 and 3 to the Palace of Unquiet Repose and the setting within The Age of Dusk. I've only been provided with a rough outline of where things will lead too...and it makes me want to crack the whip to get him writing it out because it sounds fantastic! Prince? Dude?...*cracks whips*. Last I heard, he was on vacation...pfft.

City of Vermilion: I hate bringing this failed Kickstarter up. This may be the last time I bring it up for awhile if I'm honest. All I can say, I'm 200% committed to bring this project to life. It WILL HAPPEN! I am fleshing out ideas to make it even bigger (probably too big). Like Coppercore's town, this adventure will host a CITY with a crapload of stuff going on--factions galore!, several different multi-level adventures, and most importantly--an easy system for GM's to run a city adventure-- That's why I created this--because I was always terrified to run a city adventure!! Because it's a city--there should be so much going on, either within the city or outside, it never made sense to me to have just one linear adventure---everything should be connected. Thanks to Kellerin's Rumble experiment, I could see the potential to ever expand for a city adventure (or is that a curse?). In order to do it properly, everything is connected (i.e. rumor tables and appendices) with the idea to make it extremely easy for a GM to run. Yeah--you may NOT need to read the whole thing during play---go by the rumor tables, go to page number, and have fun.

Special Area: The Druid's Isle and Mystery of the Azure Hellflower: I hesitate to bring this project up. I wrote this 3 years ago? After some feedback from Special Area: The Ranger's Hideout (which I would like to update), I decided this new adventure needs some tweaking. It's a project where I'll just use stock art and not do the whole stressful Kickstarter route. The idea behind the Special Area's adventure lines is that in 2e, training is a component of character advancement. I wanted to provide a area where PCs could interact with a trainer, perhaps do some 1 vs. 1 quests--especially if not everyone could show up on game night. The quests varied from 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, etc. But after some feedback, I may tweak that a bit, although having to fight a druid to gain in a level intrigues me--especially if you have been 'helping' them out over the years.....If I get the time, I'll release it before the PCT (see below).

PrinceofNothing's Adventure Contest: Introducing the PrinceofNothingPresents No-Artpunk Contest! – Age of Dusk ( The contest is still going have till the end of August! God's speed!...

PCT: This stands for the Pacific Crest Trail. Look, it's been a hellacious year...and I decided that no matter what, I'm going to do this trail, and I need to do it now!--the permit is a lottery system, so hoping April/May 2022. It starts in Campo, CA (near Mexico's border) and goes 2,650 miles to Canada. Thankfully, my job is willing to give me the 5-6 months off needed to do this adventure--hell yeah, love them! I've started to train....This may mean a lull in publishing.

I've also decided I may film it and throw it up on Youtube--Malrex's Hexcrawl: PCT (?--title still undecided). It's mainly for my family, especially for my sister, to share the journey, but whoever is interested is welcome to watch it. I'll be talking about hiking, nature, and more importantly how this scenery inspires me to do adventures and Dungeons & Dragons. Yes---you bet your ass I'll be carrying a waterproof graph paper notebook--it's my entertainment! (if I'm allowed some time and not hiking all the time--but to me its worth the weight). The terrain will probably inspire me for ideas on present and future projects---The Fallen Lands/City of Vermillion, Axeholme, Woods of Loss, and Coppercore.


Yeah...I'd like your help. There she is....the logo we have been sporting for awhile. There is a lot of meaning to this logo for some of us Merchants. I'd thought I'd talk about it.

I was inspired by a pack horse/donkey illustration by Tortoise & Hare: THC Stock Art: Pack Horse (Horse #1) - Tortoise & Hare Creations |

Tortoise & Hare is amazing to work with and Indi Marten transformed her donkey illustration into my vision at a completely reasonable price. I've also used some of her stock art in some of my adventures. I highly recommend her if you are looking for commissioned art. She rocks!

So what does this logo mean? a player, every time we bought a donkey, in anticipation to carry all our loot from a dungeon, it died. Plain and simple. We hired guards....we tried to keep it safe...nothing worked and a lot of it was just dumb luck with dice rolls. So this logo represents the donkey finally winning. The party is dead--represented by the skull...they died by a dragon--flying off, and the donkey finally basks in victory by having a smirk upon its face for surviving. The feathers on the blade represent the Verloren--or barbarians of the Dragonback Mountains.

So what do we need your help with? Well...I've been fantasizing about taking some Merciless Merchant material up with me to Mt. Whitney during the PCT--14,505 ft. elevation--the tallest mountain in the Sierra Nevada and United States. Maybe its a t-shirt, or bandana, or hat..or something (that is light weight!) and getting a picture/video of it. Jonbar gave me a cool banner, but I think it's going to be too heavy to haul up there.

The donkey we have is cool and means something to me, but I'm interested in a black and white logo. What would that look like? A double MM? A skeletal hand with dice for coin? Something else?

I'd love to hear your ideas/see sketches below. Help us forge a new logo and heft it to the tallest spot in the US!

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