Voyages on the Zontani Sea--Part 1. Sneak Peak.

Artist: Paul Carrick "Nightserpent"

On November 4, 2021 we plan to launch a new Kickstarter for Voyages on the Zontani Sea. It includes Ascent of the Leviathan and The Cauldron and several stretch goals for even more adventures! The Zontani Sea is the body of water that surrounds the island city of Vermilion filled with horrific sea terrors, pirates, and lost islands of forgotten treasures and ruined empires.

Ascent of the Leviathan is a Level 2-4 adventure for Old School Essentials, OSRIC, and....I hired someone to convert it to 5th edition so that it's legit. It can literally be plopped anywhere in your campaign as long as there is a sea or ocean. The premise is a monstrous jellyfish (based off a real life lionfish jellyfish with thousands of tentacles) from the deepest depths, breaches your ship as well as the two pirate ships that were chasing you. Negotiations from your captain and the pirates lead to a decision that YOU and your comrades are to go inside the jellyfish and either deflate it or find some solution to free the ships. The jellyfish IS the dungeon filled with strange creatures and valuable treasures from the deeps....

Artist: Del Tiegeler

The Cauldron is a Level 3-7 adventure for Old School Essentials. The premise is the party obtained a treasure map that leads to the mysterious island known as the Cauldron (or discovered it, or was shipwrecked on the isle, etc.). A ruined civilization and two warring villages with the party right in the middle!! A whole island to explore including ruined temples and swimming inside the Cauldron itself!

'X' marks the spot!

We are planning a few stretch goals--mainly more content. Part One of the Orbs of Bellamar--The Sun Orb. A mage of some power, she created several different orbs and scattered them across the lands to protect her most precious spells. All sorts of folks search for these orbs, hoping to learn new powers. Part 2, The Tenebrisic Orb is already published out there somewhere...but as characters search for the orbs, players will need to search for the Orb adventures, which can be found on different platforms across the internet.

Jon Bertani is working on another island adventure--Gyllagoons Island, and I plan to finish off a treasure map adventure that leads to a Pirate Lord's coffers.

For the few that visit the blog, here's a sneak peak of the movie:

Thanks for your support everyone! Hope to see you on November 4th, Launch Day!


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