Vermilion Kickstarter

Artist: Enmanuel "Lema" Martinez

My Patreon members know that I have been working hard on a big project--The City of Vermilion, using the OSRIC ruleset. I "finished" the project in four parts and it covers an immense city adventure full of rumors, factions, ruling houses, and interesting NPC's to interact with. There are several building/dungeons to explore and a timeline of events that characters can interact with or ignore and do their own thing. Then I went further and made some wilderness areas around the city by the sea. Misty islands, caves, and underwater ruins and not to mention the mysterious workings of the Maelstrom. All these areas jam packed with new monsters and magical items!

I decided to add a rooftop portion of the city (which I should of done in the beginning!!) and finally buckled and carving out a sewer portion. Yes...damn it...there is going to be rats...hard not to include them in a sewer, but I made a new creature and adding some interesting components to the sewer. Afterall, why would the party even want to crawl around in a sewer unless there is a hint of forgotten or ancient treasures? Hoping to wrap these two areas up in a few weeks, but the sewer is starting to expand as I keep rolling with new ideas.

Finally, I decided that I would like to combine these four adventures into one super adventure. I want to do it right and commission some art to capture the vision I have of the city and some of its scenes instead of using stock art. I've been talking to Enmanuel "Lema" Martinez (above), Del Tiegler, and may inquire a few others. I also want it professionally edited and seeking the services of the MoonRat Conspiracy team. I want a beautiful print job as well, and discussing it with Exalted Funeral. The only way I can achieve all this is to form a Kickstarter and I'm targeting late July to see if this dream can become a reality. I told my Patreon members that they aren't allowed to help the cause--they already supported me in getting a few art I'm going to hope for the support of others for what I think is a kickass city adventure for OSRIC. If interested, keep your eye open in a month or two!


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