Updates done...SALE!

Alrighty...updated everything in the PDF's except The Covey and Special Area: The Ranger's Hideout. There is now bookmarks and links as well as maps for Virtual Table Top gaming (like with Roll20). Always open to feedback (as I don't play with Roll20--let me know if the maps work ok!).

In celebration, we are kickin' out some deals! EVERYTHING IS 40% off for a limited time, only at this store!! Right here people:

Artist: Emmanuel Martinez Lema

Why not updates for Special Area: Ranger's Hideout and The Covey? Well, if you haven't noticed, I took off Special Area from DrivethruRPG...I would like to do a revamp of the whole thing at some point. So if you still want it, it's only available here. And The Covey...well...maybe some day, although to be honest, I'd like to revamp it as well.

We don't like giving sales....cause we are take advantage while you can, it won't last long.....

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