Update #9 Opportunities for Exclusive Content

The legendary Endzeitgeist has just reviewed The Chest and gave it a 5/5 and his Seal of Approval! You can check it out here:

That means we need to celebrate! IF this Kickstarter funds:

I’ll send a 50% discount code to all Adventurer Tiers for The Chest through DrivethruRPG.

Backers in the City Explorer tier and higher tiers receive a complimentary PDF of The Chest.

The Chest can be thrown in anywhere in Vermilion for a perfect side quest or distraction. Thanks for your support!

Exclusive Content

Thilo also came up with a great idea in the comments section about the Booster content. Perhaps the Booster content should be exclusive content for Backers ONLY as an Add-On?

Yeah...hell yeah! I’m game for that. This is content that won’t see the light of day…. ANYWHERE...except for those who backed this Kickstarter.

The exclusive content will be short adventures—Zubarak’s Mansion, the Warehouse, and a complete Treasure Map (at least 1 new monster and several new magic items). These adventures more than likely will have stock art as I don’t want to take away any budget from the main City of Vermilion project, BUT...I’ll either extend these adventures or add another 1-3 short adventures  to round it out around 30+pages of content so it will make a decent POD. Another treasure map?, building?, haunted ship?, cave?...island?...or a submerged, floating jellyfish fortress?--have a preference or different idea? Shout your ideas in the comments.

Artist: Matt Lichtenwalner

No, I’m not over-extending myself—this is what I enjoy doing! No, the main project won’t be put into jeopardy—it will always be attended to first!! This gives me 8-9 months to do the Vermilion Backer Special if I stick with the timeline?? No problem!  Honestly, I don’t want to be twiddling my thumbs waiting on editors and artists—this will be a perfect distraction for myself, and the content amount is what I used to do monthly on my Patreon.

I’m adding this to the Add-Ons----Vermilion Backer Special (I’ll come up with a better name when its published, I promise). If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to adjust your pledged amount for the Add-On:

$6 PDF sent through DrivethruRPG.

$12 POD softcover. Buyer will be receive a discount code for at-cost (estimate is $2-$2.66) AND shipping through DrivethruRPG.

Again, the Vermilion Backer Special is EXCLUSIVE and will remain private on DrivethruRPG (or taken off the private roster once fulfillment is complete). No one else will have access to this PDF/book. The adventures will be easy to drop in Vermilion and/or with a few small tweaks (on the Adventure Hooks mainly) can be inserted into any campaign.

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