Update #8

Hey all--

About 3 hours left until the deadline for the 1st booster goal (Update #7)..looks like we are a bit short. We shall see if it comes through or not.

This weekend I had some time to redo some of my city maps with my new add-on program because I think it looks better. I'm still tweaking it here and there, but this is the rough draft extended city map. The black lined, outline area is the section of city where this project is focusing on. The extended map is optional/a potential Part 2 for me, or for GM's to fill in themselves for further urban adventures. In the back, I plan to add a 'Further Adventures' section to throw out some ideas--like for the crypts area, the new castle construction area (top right corner) 'The Rock' mining area and its deep tunnels into the unknown (left, middle), the theater area (near the river island), the coliseum, the mage tower, some of the richer neighborhoods like The Gardens, and of course...more slums and seedy taverns. 

During layout, I can zoom into some of the important areas discussed to provide a grid. This will provide a tool for the GM during alley/street fights or to give a better idea to players if they are planning a heist or rescue attempt. I plan to do this for the Roof Highway map as well so that jump distances can be seen and measured, etc.

I added a short description of a shrine to Nothor (god of death, easily changed to any death god) since one of my play testers is playing a cleric of Nothor and added it to the map. I also added a table of exotic items/things that one may discover while shopping in the bridge market or farmer's market.

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