Update #7 Boost Ups!! Or Ramp Ups?….Boosters!!?

I have survived the backpacking trip and have returned to delve into the City of Vermilion and this Kickstarter Campaign. If you are a Project Follower of this project and still on the fence to back or not (and there are quite a few of you)….this update may be of interest!! IF you already are a backer—thanks so much for your support and below there is info about a small perk. Yeah….I was busy during backpacking....

TL;DR—I’m adding content to the project…..maybe. Introducing Boosters!

The Perk

During play testing, we have a bard who continually goes back to a library. I hadn’t fleshed out a library so said it was an abandoned library—which made sense to me as I knew where the past librarian was located (sewers) and a story of events was starting to form as I winged it. I allowed him to break in to find information about the city as well as discover some old maps of the sewers.

While backpacking, I decided to flesh out the abandoned library, make it a little more exciting, and potentially allow valuable information to be discovered about the city for characters who take the time to search. I created a table for random books, a table for potentially helpful player maps to be discovered, and...well a surprise(s) for my play tester and anyone else deciding to search for information. No Risk, No Reward. I’ll be adding this to the project.

Rough notes, map, tables of the Abandoned Library

Introducing Boosters!

When you research how to do a Kickstarter, you hear about the mid period of the campaign that’s slow or some call them the doldrums. Some campaigns still have excitement with Stretch Goals, but...we aren’t in that position (yet!) for this project. I don’t like waiting, I prefer to be busy, and while backpacking, I created maps and jotted down thoughts/ideas for additional content that still needs work…..I don’t know if this is a ‘thing’ in the Kickstarter world or not, but I’m introducing something that I shall dub...... Boosters!! We got 9 days left before this campaign is over, so this is how Boosters will work:

$5,000 Reached by 9/9?Zubarek’s Mansion: That’s less than 600$ right now!!...I’ll add a huge mansion (about 20 areas) owned by a rich merchant or famous woodcarver (perhaps a doll maker) in the City of Vermilion. The party may be hired to infiltrate the mansion to steal something and must bypass the guards, their patrols, and other strange guardians. OR, the party may get a lead that the kidnapped Traevik, General Yasmoon’s son, is being held in the mansion and hired to rescue him.…

If we don’t reach $5,000 by 9/9 by high noon (Pacific time)….then this won’t be added to the project.

Artist: Maciej Zagorski, The Forge. Possible Zubarek's Mansion?

$7,000 Reached by 9/11? The Warehouse:I’ll add a warehouse situation. I’m picturing a big warehouse like in the Indiana Jones movies with the stacks and stacks of crates and boxes—which could form walls or a short maze, and could be filled with a variety of different things--but all with a fantasy/medieval flair. 

Potential warehouse adventure?

A group of guards went in to investigate a disturbance inside but none have returned. With the city lockdown happening and the guards distracted, a merchant wants to hire the party to enter the warehouse and check on their goods and find out what happened inside. OR maybe the party joins The Shiver (Thieves’ Guild) and tasked to infiltrate to steal an item of importance but something that was once cargo has escaped and prowls around….

If we don’t reach $7,000 by 9/11 by high noon (Pacific time)…..then this won’t be added to the project.

$9,000 Reached by 9/14? Treasure Map: Finally, I have a few treasure maps located in various parts of the adventures as treasure. I’ll flesh one out so a GM can have the option of using it on the fly. It involves a short jaunt to an island and following clues to find the hidden treasure. It will include a new monster (and probably a new magic item) I made up while backpacking.

If we don’t reach $9,000 by 9/14 by high noon (Pacific time)…..then this won’t be added to the project.

Artist: Dean Spencer

I’m not concerned about getting some or all of these done—it’s not a risk to the overall project.  I’ll need something to do while I wait for artists and the editor and I’m used to deadlines through my past Patreon. So that’s it….Boosters!! If you want additional content, help me spread the word or consider moving from a Project Follower to a Backer....the clock is ticking...

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