The Kincade Fires

We put together a Kincade Fire Relief bundle on DrivethruRPG and would appreciate your consideration. All proceeds from the charity go to the Sonoma County Resilience Fund:

Back in 2017, my town was on fire from the Tubbs Fire. Imagine that for a moment....Generally, you believe that you are safe when living in the middle of town, surrounded by concrete roads and houses everywhere. I know I did. But we weren't....

Patients from hospitals were being loaded in vans or any type of cars that could be found with the glow of a huge fire behind them...the Kmart just down the street was consumed by flames, the hotels, landmarks--like the historic red round barn--all burnt and destroyed ....the highways had bumper to bumper traffic of people fleeing, emergency vehicles were hauling ass with sirens blazing along the roads every few minutes.

The devastation was horrifying to all of those who lost their homes. But it wasn't just was their whole neighborhood community. Some didn't survive, some left, some rebuilt, some were caught in the nightmare of working things out with their insurance companies or attempting to find contractors, or in the process of rebuilding. Whole landscapes were changed as only dead, scorched trees with skeletal branches remained.

Across the street from my house, Tubbs Fire Oct. 2017

Now imagine the same nightmare happening again! The Kincade Fire was up north, but overlapped parts of the Pocket Fire in 2017. I've spoke to people who were in the mandatory evacuation zone who had lived in their new home, built after the Tubbs Fire, for one week---After two years of paperwork, calling insurance companies, waiting on contractors....your brand new home is built, you live in it for a week, and then are forced to evacuate and relive the nightmare AGAIN??!. Can you even imagine that?

I consider myself lucky. My house was on the evacuation border twice now. I saw the fire's glow back in 2017 when I awoke at 4 am by all the cars on the road outside trying to flee the fire. I didn't lose my house. My family was safe. I was lucky, twice, as again I was on the evacuation zone for Kincade. But a lot of people weren't lucky and lost everything. Some even lost their jobs as their place of employment burned. They lost everything.

Kincade Fire, near Geyserville, CA.

After the Tubbs Fire of 2017, I wrote an adventure called Scorchfire. I walked on the scorched earth and witnessed most of the landscape because of my job and was able to write a few grants to help with erosion control and installing native vegetation. But the alien-like landscape (melted ground, skeletal trees, etc.) inspired me to write the adventure. It's about a group of adventurers emerging from a dungeon or old ruins, or even a cave and facing a landscape devastated by fires. Was the nearby town safe? How was the party going to get to safety through the fire-scorched terrain?

I know that sounds messed up to write an adventure about my observations. The intent was good though....The purpose of the adventure was to generate funds, no matter how little, to help people with the Tubbs Fire. However, I failed with that idea, because by the time I finished it, the emergency had passed and most people had seemed to moved on, wanting to forget and just rebuild.

However, with the unleashing of the Kincade Fire, which is still burning as I write this (84% contained), it was revealed to me how much people are still affected by the fires in 2017...the long term trauma and its affects. There is still a lot of hurt in people. Memories have resurfaced, the pain of losing loved ones or pets, panic..... With my job, I can write grants to try and obtain funding to help the environment. I can pull off projects that help with erosion control, plantings, replace fencing, replace melted culverts, etc. But with my hobby, I'd like to try and help the people, both short-term and long-term. I'd like to use my adventure, Scorchfire as it was intended--to generate funds to help people. I threw a bunch of other adventures in there as well to sweeten the deal. Please consider checking out our Kincade Fire Relief Bundle as all the proceeds generated will be utilized to help fire-affected families through the Resilience Fund,

Thanks for your consideration!


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