The Double Crit Year

Happy New Year everyone!

We have started this year on a great start and big things are on the way!

Thanks Jonbar for the great banner!

Jonbar got the Merchants a banner for Christmas. I tried to hang it in our living room...then the bedroom...but the wife was vehemently opposed to the ideas!! So I hung it outside the garage briefly before decorating the wall of the man cave where I work on adventures!

I want to start off the year by personally thanking everyone who participated in our Kincade Fire Relief Bundle. I have taken down the bundle and donated the funds to the Sonoma County Resilience Fund. Thank you so much!!

I'm hoping our brothers and sisters in Australia can find some relief from their fires. A shout out to Chaosium in their efforts for the cause. Looks like it ends Jan. 12th.

As some of you know, I've been dabbling as Chief Editor for the free Footprints magazine over on the Dragonsfoot forums. I'd like to release Issue #25 by December 2020. I'm looking for an artist willing to do the cover for the cause (and interior artists too!), if interested, please email me at: or

I'm still taking submissions for adventures, NPC's, new magic items, new monsters, new spells, new classes/kits or articles as well...anything related to 0e/1e/2e D&D for Footprints Issue #25. If you have some interest in having something published or wish to share for the greater good, give me a holler.

In the Merciless Merchant world we are working hard on Coppercore, Palace of Unquiet Repose and have a new adventure in the works dealing with the mysterious Mammoth Clan. Also trying to pick at some new material for City of Vermilion and make it bigger when I got the time. A introductory adventure to Vermilion should be coming out in the next few months.

Hope you all had a great holiday!

--The Merciless Merchants

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