The Crimson Paradise is Opening....KS Update #4

Hey Everybody--

The timing is uncanny. I had no idea that Khazra, the Red Prophet, was going to bust in here, knock heads, and attempt to fire up people into a blood frenzy to summon the epic Crimson Paradise...but... he did.

What the heck am I talking about?

Well, if you are on the fence to support this project then I urge you to read a review we received today for The Red Prophet Rises by the legendary Endzeitgeist.'s worth the read.

Endzeitgeist reads and reviews TONS of material on his Patreon.  He didn’t just review Red Prophet….he RAN it! I was floored! That’s a designer’s dream—people running your adventures and enjoying it. Hell yeah! Check it out:

“Who am I kidding? I’ve strained very hard throughout the review to not burst out in jubilation, so let me make this abundantly clear:  This belongs in the library of any self-respecting GM. Period.”

“This adventure is not only a great reading experience, it actually plays better than it reads (!!)”

“It also is, in my humble opinion, one of the very few examples where module-writing has been elevated to an art form.”

“In short, this is a benchmark-level masterpiece against which all other modules in the genre will hereafter have to be judged. And many will be found wanting.”

“As such, this gets what it rightfully deserves – full 5 stars, my seal of approval, the “Best of”-tag as one of the best sword & sorcery modules I’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering, and this is a candidate for my top ten of 2019.”

I added all those quotes from Endzeitgeist because I’m still speechless after reading the whole thing.

People….this is EXACTLY what we are trying to achieve here with the City of Vermilion….except its going to be 5x bigger...oh..and no Khazra or Bull God. I’ve put together a great team to achieve this lofty goal but one of its star players, the Prince of Nothing, is a stretch goal….

Endzeitgeist nailed our biggest weakness….”but they are not as well-known as they should be”. Simply put, we are underdogs. We are facing the 'big bad guy' with just a dagger. We are only 33% funded, but we got 22 days left! WE can ALL make this happen. This project needs your help...please consider bringing it up on forums, or talking about it on social media to spread the word. I'd really appreciate it!

Speaking of which, thanks Endzeitgeist for the shout-out and taking the time to review AND play one of our past adventures.

You can add The Red Prophet Rises as an Add-On now or after the campaign as desired....or buy the PDF from our store here!

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