Sneak Peak: The Palace of Unquiet Repose

Ages past, Tzyan ruled earth and sea by sorcery and fear. So potent were its arts, so bottomless its depravities, that it would lay siege to the very gates of Heaven! Greatest of all Tzyan rulers was Uyu-Yadmogh. First among Princes, Devourer of Children. Now Tzyan is dust and its atrocities long forgotten. But in the darkness something lingers...

An adventure for Levels 3-5.

Well...the writing is done.....the editing is 95% done...the cover is done (thanks Chris Cold!)...we squeezed out a few additional commissioned art pieces but are going to need some support for the remaining art. We are gearing up for a Kickstarter very soon for that purpose--I'm hoping to be ready mid or late July.

This adventure is a duo effort by the Prince of Nothing and myself. This project is a bit of a role reversal from the Red Prophet Rises as this time Prince wrote all of it since it's based in his Age of Dusk setting. I did the maps, editing, and will do the layout. I may of snuck in a magic item...:) There is so much I want to say about the adventure, but since I didn't write it, I must keep it under wraps....sorry. All I will say, is Prince captures a vibe of dread throughout the adventure. He truly is an exceptional word-smith.

I love the cover art. Chris Cold captured the image perfectly and it's a wrap-around cover piece. When you read the description of the palace, the illustration all makes sense. I definitely would like to work with him again.

Very excited for this adventure to see the light of day. Keep an eye out for the Kickstarter soon! Could really use your support to make it perfect.

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