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Red Prophet Rises gets an upgrade

Backcover of Red Prophet Rises. Artist: Dean Spencer

I don’t know about you, but I suddenly found myself having a lot of time….gobs of it. I also had the opportunity to use and learn an upgraded tool....So I did!


I’ve upgraded The Red Prophet Rises pdf. The upgrades include Bookmarks, Links (i.e. see Area #20 is now clickable to send you there immediately), and I threw in some maps in the back that can be used for Roll20. I’m hoping this increases its usability during play, especially during this pandemic. I’m also hoping that it’s easier to use virtually—if you have comments about that, I’d love to hear them because I don’t play Roll20 or other online play so let me know if it needs an improvement.

I’ll be updating the rest of our adventures in the same way over the next few weeks as well as future ones.

Speaking of the future….UPDATES:

The Palace of Unquiet Repose is almost complete as we are finishing up editing. We have an artist onboard and will be running a Kickstarter soon (in a month or 2?) to help it achieve commissioned art. This adventure is in the Prince of Nothing’s Age of Dusk setting and I’m pretty hyped about it!

Coppercore—this monstrous project is still being worked on. It’s in Jonbar’s Dragonback Mountains setting… IS the setting, but also crammed full of adventures (18 so far?) that vary in length. This will include the big setting map that shows where previous adventures are located—Trollback Keep, Of Beasts and Men, Willowmere Vagabonds, Nevermore Mines, etc.

City of Vermilion—I’ve had to put this aside for now as we focus on Palace and Coppercore, but I am doubli...tripling the length of it! It will be a city with adventures littered all over the place (city, wilderness, dungeons). BUT...I do plan to Kickstart an adventure as a prequel to Vermilion. As the party journeys to the City of Vermilion they may find themselves in a bit of a dilemma concerning...a massive jellyfish?!

Stay safe all!


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