Part 4: City of Vermilion: The Obelisk

It's been a crazy spring so far. Cleaning garages, doing a little side landscaping gig....I was supposed to take the month off on my Patreon to focus on some great stuff that Jon has been working on for the Dragonback Mountain setting....but, things keep getting bigger and the final Part 3, actually just became Part 3 and now I need to bust out Part 4 for the City of Vermilion for my Patreon. I'll take next month off to appease Jon...shhh don't tell him.

I had to share the art piece above, by Del Teigeler. This scene is for Part 4 and the party is fighting a new monster I created, the Lampiris or Lamprey Men. I'm excited to see the final result and Del has been a pleasure to work with!

I got to say, publishing adventures can be fun, but my favorite part is commissioning artists to make my ideas come to life. I'm insanely jealous that I lack the skills to draw...simply amazing. I had the pleasure of working with Courtney Campbell for Part 3 and now Del Teigeler for Part 4, both great artists and very professional--go check them out!

Haven't heard of the City of Vermilion or the Dragonback Mountains setting? Don't will soon enough. Good things are coming down the pike and we plan to gear up for some Kickstarters this year to get more art for our adventures!


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