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New Merchant, Sale!, and Updates


We are proud to welcome Ynas Midgard (Sándor Gebei) to the Merciless Merchant team! Ynas brings some strong editorial skills and a bountiful imagination and we are excited to have him aboard!


Check out our shop on our website. 40% off on ALL material! Stock up on some great adventures!


Hope everyone is staying safe out there from the COVID-19! What a crazy time! Hunker down and sending good vibes your way.

Prince of Nothing sent Malrex the first draft of Palace of Unquiet Repose and it has been sent back with changes/edits. It's shaping up to be an excellent adventure with a horrific vibe. We are starting to line up some artists to capture that vibe. We will be running a Kickstarter soon for the art commissions, so keep your eyes open in the next month or two.

Coppercore has been plodding along. Jonbar had surgery on his arm so things have slowed a bit. But this huge project is starting to shape up nicely! Also getting some good ideas from Grutzi.

Still waiting on feedback and editing from a pre-adventure to the City of Vermilion. I'm still not set on a title...maybe The Jellyfish Dilemma as it involves a gigantic jellyfish that the party enters and explores. If you got any wild ideas out there for a title, let's hear em. If I steal your idea, Ill send you a free copy when its complete.

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