New Merchant and other updates!

I wanted to give a warm welcome to a new Merchant who has joined the team....Grützi! After butting heads with him during a dungeon design contest, with him taking all the glory...we decided to put our heads together to come up with some more cool stuff. I barely showed him his lavish desk on threadbare carpet in the corner of the moldy garage before Grützi lept into action, rattling off ideas and pouring over our material. We are all excited to have him on the team!

Other Updates:


The Kincade Fire Relief bundle will be coming down Dec. 31st at DrivethruRPG. We really appreciate those of you who donated to the cause, and we plan to start the New Year doing a good deed by delivering the raised funds to the Sonoma County Resilience Fund. If you are interested, it's still up for a short time longer at:


Jonbar and I have been working furiously on the Coppercore setting. It keeps getting bigger!!...but we have started our editing phase, trying to put a lid on it after...3 years working on it? Sheesh. It may be coming to a Kickstarter near you in 2020!


The PrinceofNothing has been busy with life...but is still poking and prodding on the Palace of Unquiet Repose. It's starting to shape up really nice and be an adventure full of mystery, death, and mayhem! And yes...another Kickstarter for this one as well. We want some exceptional art!


I may be changing the Special Area line items a bit, meaning Special Area: The Ranger's Hideout may disappear....forever! Well, maybe I'll keep it up at our store if you want it for free, go to DrivethruRPG soon as I still debate about it.

The idea will be to create a supplement for some fleshed out training areas for each class with locations and NPC's--more of a 2e thing. Then write an adventure including those 'special areas' basically, I'll be updating the Special Area: The Ranger's Hideout into more of a epic adventure area instead of how it's laid out now. I'll probably throw in a discount to those who downloaded The Ranger's Hideout already, but don't tell the other Merchants that. This is a project that's low on the list, but I do want to take it off soon as it was one of my first layout attempts and it needs to be updated quick! I'll be updating it before I release the the druid one that's been sitting on my desk for 1.5 years....


Some people have been asking me the status of this since the Kickstarter. It shall see the light of day one day! I have plans to majorly expand it...warehouses, mansions, houses, more factions, a small mining zone, some tombs, maybe a few treasure map locations,---these aren't just descriptions people, this is all little mini-dungeons and adventure. All that of course adds to the rumor tables and Situations....more editing, improving keeps getting bigger and bigger! It's going to be a sandbox area with tons of hooks, or some storylines if players want to get involved, or....just tons of dungeons and wilderness areas that players can murder things and take their stuff and/or can be taken out and plopped in anywhere just like a Book of Lairs, but yet...all connected if you desire.

It's going to take some time....and while you wait, keep a lookout for a pre-cursor adventure coming down the pike. Vermilion is on a massive this new adventure can be for a party traveling to the city on the Zontani Sea...haven't settled on a name yet and I've started to reach out to artists and play testers...

Other than that, Happy Holidays and stay safe!

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