Today I joined a group of people who know what it’s like to click the “Launch” button for a Kickstarter. It’s a mix of excitement, awkwardness, adrenaline, grim thoughts, and a ‘release’ of something…stress? anticipation? It’s hard to explain. I know my work has just started for the next 30 days to do everything in my power to get over the funding goal, and yet, by hitting that “Launch” button, I feel like the first big hurdle has been crossed and I can take a quick gasp of breath before diving back in.

I’m very pleased and excited to present the City of Vermilion and look forward to working with my team to make an exceptional product. The editor is not your typical editor—having had experience with several different RPGs, and the artists are spectacular. I’m really excited to see my imagination be put on paper and can’t wait to hold the beautiful hardcover in my hands. If interested, head on over and check it out!

Funded or not….I want to give some shout outs to some people who I leaned on to get some advice the last couple of months. First of all, to all my Patreon members for all their support. I’m sad to have quit my Patreon but we had a great ride while it lasted! I want to especially thank: Joe Dillon, B. Hinton, Erik Talvola, and Jeremy Smith (seriously, go check out his podcast people…it’s fantastic!).

I want to thank:

Jon Bertani for reading the adventure, providing his insights and suggestions, and being a great friend to build a fantasy world together with.

Prince of Nothing for adding some pizazz to the Kickstarter page! Also his great advice and his sharing of his wonderful and amazing imagination.

Matt Kelley of Exalted Funeral for providing TONS of advice and helping out a Kickstarter and Discord noob.

EOTB—Whenever I need an honest opinion, I like to pick EOTB’s brain. He doesn’t sugar coat things and I respect that. Thanks for your advice and opinions. I greatly appreciate it!

To Glynn Seal and Gavin Norman who took the time to answer last minute questions from a frantic, crazy stranger about Kickstarters and Backerkit.

To the 10’ Pole Forum crew—Squeen, DangerousPuhson, Beoric, Gandalf_scion, Slick, TerribleSorcery, Grutzi, The1True, Ice, Commodore, and any others I missed. Great discussions about adventure design and new and different ways of doing things! Brought me some insights on some last minute design changes due to the lively discussions.

Finally, to my amazing wife. Who immediately jumped at the chance (forced) to narrate the KS video and lovingly listens (puts up with) to all my gaming ‘talk’ and bizarre ideas. She is my biggest rock, my best friend, and bless her heart this is going to be a long 30 days for her…..

Alright, enough talk…I got work to do! Let’s do this!

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