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Kickstarter, Update #1

The First 24 Hours...

Hey Everybody,

What a crazy day yesterday. I’ve never done so much social media, forums, talking with phone was buzzing all day and I spent long hours on the lap top.

I sneaked off last night and went for a full moon hike with a buddy and now feeling recharged again. I’m ready to hit the campaign hard again today and get the word out.

Our first day...40 backers, 17% funded!! Hell yeah! I’m stoked by this. My goal was to try to get at least 30% by the third day, so not a bad start. I really appreciate the support!

If you have a moment today, I would appreciate anything you can do to help spread the word about the project using social media or word of mouth. Here’s the link:

Artist: Enmanuel "Lema" Martinez

Card of Desire

This card appears as any card known by the wielder, providing desirable results in games of luck, chance, and gambling. The card changes at a moment’s thought by the wielder.Opponents have a 10% chance of determining that the card has a magical influence per gambling game and Detect Magic and other detection type spells only have a 65% of working on it to reveal its magical nature.

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