"I'm gonna kill the bear"

All or Nothing

Kickstarter is about All or Nothing. Unfortunately, the City of Vermilion won’t be slated for another relaunch anytime soon as other project deadlines will move up the queue. I know that IF the majority of Followers decided to take a chance, give up going out to lunch once next week, throw down 12$--become an Adventurer and a Backer…….that this project would easily fund. The result would be a phenomenal product that will provide hours of gaming and material suitable for dropping in your own campaigns.

But let’s back up….I know….really weird title for an update?!? And I love animals, but I watched this video clip before launching my Kickstarter Campaign (Warning: A little swearing):

"I'm gonna kill the bear" video clip.

If anyone out there has run a KS before or wants to know what its become aware of a lot of moving parts, uncertainties, and the process can be intimidating...Especially when you are doing it for the first time, are a bit unknown –which results in not as much support/following compared to the bigger publisher companies out there. But watching that video clip motivated me to move forward to launch.

And I decided to watch it again this evening…

At this point in the campaign, all I got is gratitude and feeling thankful for all of YOU, the Backers. It’s not ideal to wait 30 days to see if a project is going to fund or not, but you all stuck with it! Gamers, strangers who just want to help out a Kickstarter, people from work, classmates way back from high school, and even people who swim with whale sharks---some of you Backers have never even rolled a d20 before...thanks for supporting me by being a Backer and spreading the word, I really appreciate it and feel blessed.

But in about 15 hours, I’m gonna kill the bear. I may not survive the fight but I’m going to kill the bear! My point is that I’m going to fight for this project until the very end. I’m not going anywhere. I believe in this project! I’m not giving up hope until 1:01 PM (Pacific time) tomorrow.

Followers, please consider becoming a Backer. I believe you will be happy you did. I’m available to answer any questions about the product, just give a holler.

Thanks all!


Artist: Jack Holiday (Malrex fighting to the end)

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