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I think it was about 18 years ago that I met Jon and joined his 2E Dungeons & Dragons group. Later on, we discussed publishing some adventures for Dungeon magazine or doing something with his binders and binders and binders of hand written ideas, adventures, encounters, spells, and maps. We failed. It was a bit overwhelming...we didn't really know where to start except to type up old handwritten pieces of paper. Then I moved away.

On February 25, 2014, I stumbled upon my first forum relating to Dungeons and Dragons. It was called Dragonsfoot, which I still visit today. It was amusing to me that I hadn't really explored the internet for D&D forums or blogs, or even knew about Drivethrurpg. I suppose I was too busy with video games at the time, namely Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot and World of Warcraft. But I'd keep re-reading the module collection I had and daydreamed...but that was about the extent. But with the forums, I was able to discuss, argue, and imagine with a bunch of other enthusiasts.

A weird chance of fate led me back to Jon and the usual group as I moved back across the country. We kept talking about the game and hobby, as most gamers do, and we discussed trying to publish something again. I always felt it was a shame that there was a great possibility Jon's work would be lost to mold or water damage in his garage, so typing it up to keep a electronic copy seemed like the right thing to do. And as we worked on this mountainous task, our imagination took off again, and areas started to expand, change and we had a group to throw new things and ideas at to test it out. And finally, we were successful in publishing something....

Welcome to the website, blog, and the store of the Merciless Merchants. We got some big, exciting things planned ahead. I hope you join us on our journey!


Artist: Copyright 2018, Dean Spencer, all rights reserved, used with permission.

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