Footprints Issue #25 is live!

Issue #25 is live on Dragonsfoot. It's go check it out. Almost 200 pages of new classes, monsters, spells, adventures, and articles. And.....did I mention it's free?!

The cover art is by Paul Carrick 'Nightserpent'. He is fantastic and you can check out more of his art here:

I also hired Paul to do the cover the Ascent of the Leviathan. Yes....its coming soon! I'm hoping the Kickstarter launches in July, but I want to do some more tweaks and editing and waiting for some extras from some of the other Merchants. I'm also trying to lock in Del Teigeler for a few art pieces--but he has been slammed. Anyways in a week or two, I may go into a deep dive and discuss the 'behind the scenes' of Ascent for those stay tuned.

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