DTRPG Charity Bundles and Updates

We got invited to participate in Drivethru RPG's Covid-19 charity bundle. Save 97% on hundreds of excellent titles, with all proceeds supporting Covid-19 emergency relief efforts of Doctors Without Borders, No Kid Hungry, and the World Food Programme!

Our Standoff at Sandfell Seafort can be picked up to help No Kid Hungry!

Check it out! Great deal and for some good causes, especially during this crazy time.


Palace of Unquiet Repose- Prince is finishing up a round of edits, I need to do a few more map tweaks. The cover artist, Chris Cold plans to start next week. It's starting to come together! Look for the Kickstarter soon!

Coppercore- This beast of a project is taking a bit longer than expected. It will be a fantastic campaign setting with a crapload of modular adventures--that's right, plenty of little adventures to use with the product OR to steal it and place in your own campaign. It's coming together as we work out a few tweaks and adding little bits here and there.

The Jellyfish Dilemma--I'm still unsure about this name....Editing is complete, need to make a few tweaks still. I also met my match with the mapping...I am hiring out the job to Courtney Campbell of Hack and Slash blog: Courtney does some fantastic maps and drawings...I commissioned a drawing from him for City of Vermilion, under the whirlpool:

So I'm very excited to see what he can do for me on this weird map I have in mind. Will probably do a Kickstarter after Palace to try to fund the rest of the art for this adventure.

Updating Old Adventures: I've also been working on updating some of our old adventures. Basically messing with the PDF and adding bookmarks and internal links. The links can zip you around the pdf quickly to look at the map or to see different Area's that are mentioned in the descriptions. I think it will make it easier for the DM to run the adventure. I also am throwing in some 'player' maps for virtual play, like on Roll20. I don't play Roll20 so open to any changes that are needed on the virtual maps to make them more useful. Currently I'm just deleting secret doors and text (but do you want the grid or no grid...?). So I apologize beforehand if you get some email spam from Drivethru about updates. I hope to have them ALL complete by this weekend.


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