Congealed Witchdoctor is a...say what? Part 1


Palace of Unquiet Repose...yes...I swear its coming! Just putting the final touches on a little video for the Kickstarter. If you ever want to hear what the PrinceofNothing sounds like in real life, well you will have to watch the video....but honestly, trying to do everything in my power to have a August 10th launch.

Subregion Coppercore: Wow...this exploded! Grützi has brought a lot of ideas to the table and Jonbar has added some areas and we are expanding on a bunch of things. Ynas Midgard has started editing...everything is coming together. If you like the Dragonback Mountain adventures, this one will be a must! We are also even talking about a few surprises for the Kickstarter which should make things fun, but it's going to be awhile yet...this is one of our biggest projects yet!

Ascent of the Leviathan: I just received cover art by Nightserpent and I think it looks fantastic. I'll give a sneak peak, perhaps after Palace's kickstarter. I just need to go back through and edit/tweak the write-up. I also reached out to Courtney Campbell over at the Hack & Slash blog and hoping to utilize his skills for the its complexities are beyond my skill. Once Palace is fully complete and sent out to backers, may take the torch up on this and finish it since its so close and do a KS for it too for interior art as the other leviathan--Coppercore, is going to take some time to finish incorporating all the fantastic ideas. But Ascent is a pre-module to Vermilion (which is another leviathan of a project!). Sheesh, so much to do!


Congealed Witchdoctor is a Blathering Bastard!

Yep....that's the title. I don't know why I sign up for these contests--I really don't have the time. A dungeon writing contest on Bryce Lynch's 10' Pole forums sprouted up and this time the rule is you had to roll randomly for your title....and I like rolling randomly on tables....and writing adventures is fun...and well...this is the title I rolled and now I'm on the hook to do an adventure about And it's due Sept. 1st...about a month away. I've been editing and mapping a bunch lately, so being able to create something is a nice break (but so is taking naps, sigh).

From the pictures, you can guess I'm going for a jungle theme. I was honestly just going to write up a 3 pager or something but then......jungle! So then I started researching jungles and ideas started to explode. I usually always like to research areas for adventures as images can get the creative juices flowing and I like to learn about the creatures and try to incorporate them into my adventures. Yeah, I watch a bunch of Nature shows--I recommend them! A map popped into my head (well one of them anyways) and then I'm not sure what happened last night, but I started vomiting out a endless stream of ideas on the blank page and stayed up waaaaay too late. I love these type of 'in the zone' sessions.

Besides Tar Pits of the Bone Toilers, I haven't really done much with jungles (I do touch on them a little bit in Vermilion) and there seems like a bunch of potential for jungle type adventures. It makes me want to go back and re-read Isle of Dread. With the shortness of time, I doubt I'll be able to give the entire jungle experience much justice, but should be fun anyways to try.

I can't speak too much of this adventure as my competitors are lurking (*glares at Grützi...AND his wife, Rabenwonne*), but when I get it done, I'll probably post it here for your enjoyment as a Part 2. I'm still debating if I'll use stock art or put in my own....'legendary'...stick art like I did for Forgotten Shrine of the Savior...or maybe a combo. I'm going for colored maps this time, just for something different and maybe incorporating some more 'weird' stuff because....the title of this thing? It's weird. But anyways, last night as I was writing, my realization of the importance of Rumor Tables became clear.


When I was first starting out, I always busted out the rumor table...I had the ideas I wanted and just wanted to get it done so I could move on to the writing portion. But working on Vermilion and Coppercore has taught me that the Rumor Table is of utmost importance and a great tool...and why only one? There should be potential for more. I realized that my method of doing things has changed drastically and currently it is to always keep the spreadsheet open and finish the rumor table last. Why?

In my opinion, rumor tables are a great tool for GMs to help keep the adventure hooks 'hooked' but also gives opportunities to throw in options for different areas to explore. As a player, I always like little side quests or caves or areas to explore as we meander to the 'main' adventure. The rumor table(s) can help encourage that exploration and make the world feel 'bigger', thus you need to wait and write about it before giving the rumors some justice. By filling out the table as I go and finishing it last, I can incorporate more specific tidbits that may or may not help the PCs.

Adventure hooks are great an all for the main event, but the Rumor Table has the potential to bring goals and motivations out for different players for their characters. Sometimes those goals can conflict which can create great roleplaying opportunities or the rumors can pique interest of other things that may be found along the way for the main goal/adventure hook. It's also fun, in my opinion, to watch a player latch onto a false rumor, continually trying to find some sort of evidence of it--and that's what makes the adventure world feel 'bigger' and could potentially even lead to more adventure ideas for the GM as they realize what types of things intrigue their players.

But why only rumor tables in the tavern? I think they should be sprinkled everywhere. Find a new village in a jungle--well their rumors are going to be different from your starting point. Find someone in the jungle or free a prisoner...they should know tidbits of info or rumors as well...and keeping that info/rumors to a random table can make things more fun for the GM to see in what direction the adventure goes. Different opportunities to hear rumors can also build on the first initial rumor, providing even more specifics/clues. But I also think its important to add false rumors--got to keep your players on their toes.

Lack of sleep has made me drone on, making this post a lot longer than anticipated. Who is the blathering bastard now?

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