Congealed Witch-doctor is a Blathering Bastard! Part 2

Updates: The Palace of Unquiet Repose Kickstarter is over 200% funded. Wow! I’m stoked to have the art budget I want for this project. The stretch goals have unlocked conversions for Dungeon Crawl Classics and Old-School Essentials. Five days left to get your hands on Screaming Caverns—which won’t be published anywhere else!

Thanks for your consideration and all the support!!

The Dungeon Contest

I finished and submitted my adventure contest for fun. As stated in my blog post Part 1 (July 31), the rule was to roll up a random title and I rolled up The Congealed Witch-Doctor is a Blathering Bastard! I’m not sure what place I’ll get...currently it’s #1 as no one else has submitted yet! So I’ll take it...but people still have 2 days left. Hoping to see some other creations as the titles that were rolled up were pretty funky.

Anyways, I wanted to share it for anyone interested. I busted it out in about a month so may be a little choppy but was getting busy with the Kickstarter and had to just finish it. It has my ‘legendary’ stick art in it (and goes to show why we need to run Kickstarters for good art!).

You can download it here:

Part 2

In Part 1 of this Congealed Witch-doctor blog series, I discussed how great rumor tables are as a tool and could be sprinkled around the adventure to keep players engaged or alert them to other areas to explore. For this Part 2 series, I wanted to discuss two short subjects:

Side Exploration

I saw a review recently about Tar Pits of the Bone Toilers by the RPG Crawler and he mentioned there were some areas that might not be discovered during the main adventure. This is absolutely true! I think if you have played most of our adventures, there is always something a little random that can be the Slime Cave in Nevermore Mines or the Burning Stump in Scorchfire. Just a small cave, or hidden valley or something that a character might stumble upon and want to probe further.

I think some people might believe this is ‘wasted material’ as RPG Crawler stated that they might not be discovered—or used in a session. I can agree with that in a sense, but I also believe that these tiny areas that DO get discovered during play are phenomenal. As a player, I delight in finding areas like this and sticking my foot in...and discovering there is actually a few more areas to explore within. This satisfies the ‘exploration’ part of the game for me. It provides a little break from the main quest and after its over, people can get recharged about the main goal. I believe it helps the world feel alive and larger as well.

I believe that if they are unused, they can easily be plucked out and inserted elsewhere, so its not wasted material. In Congealed, I threw in a snake lair. It has nothing to do with the adventure really, although I combined it with the rumor table to make it more of a side quest rather than just side exploration. The wilderness holds many dangers and there should be other things the locals worry about besides just the ‘main quest’.


Evard’s Small Tentacle, a forum poster, had complained about the lack of bookmarking and hyper-links in adventures. I usually play with hard copies in front of me, rather than a laptop, but could see the benefit of bookmarks when reading the pdf. So I delved into how to do it. Seems like there is always something to learn when publishing adventures—mapping programs, layout programs, etc. It was actually pretty easy to do and I picked up how to hyper-link as well. It’s tedious….

But I immediately saw the benefits of hyper-linking for people who use a laptop while GMing. The ability to click an internal link and go immediately to a map….and back to the writing is invaluable. It has almost convinced me to try a laptop when GMing next. I updated most of our adventures so that they are hyper-linked. I also hyper-linked a bunch in Congealed. I’m not sure I like the aesthetics of the linked boxes...but I think the usability is more important and the box helps with visibility on what to click. I plan to start bookmarking and hyperlinking our PDF’s from now on.

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