Black Lives Matter Charity Bundle and Updates

Hey everybody--

Malrex here...

I never wanted to use our products politically or talk about world events happening on this blog as this is a stage for gaming, design, and fun. Some people come to this hobby to get away from the real world and current events--I totally get it. This blog is not supposed to be a news site and I didn't want it as a place to spout my own opinions/beliefs (unless its for adventure review/design!)....

BUT, damn it.... this is a truly historic time with a rampaging unknown pandemic, an economic crisis, and the world stepping up in protest to police brutality, racial inequality, and a host of other issues...I have a lot I'd like to say about it, but I'll try to respect my own blog rules that I made for myself and keep this to gaming. BUT...I must say one thing:

I don't care if you are black, brown, white, male, red, female, from a different country, purple, transgender, or from some other planet....if you want to play some roleplay games or gaming in general and are respectful of everyone around the table, you are welcome (and will feel welcome!) to pull up a seat at my table. Period.

And with that, I'm proud to announce that Tar Pits of the Bone Toilers is currently in the Black Lives Matter charity bundle over at DrivethruRPG. There are also charity bundles for NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and National Police Accountability Project: It's only 10$ and comes with a crapload of material. I definitely recommend checking it out and the other bundles. All the money goes to those organizations. All lives are important--but right now Black Lives need our help, so lets fucking help them out!. #BlackLivesMatter

Speaking of Tar Pits, a few people have asked me if there will be a part 2 to the adventure. Yes...that's the plan...someday. It's rattling in my go through the Maw of Ghormaug and enter another dimension! It may be awhile...I have several unfinished adventures lying around the table first, but one day. I need to spill it all forth on paper soon.


I feel like a broken record, but we are still moving forward on the Palace of Unquiet Repose and Coppercore adventures. The jellyfish adventure, which may now be called Ascent of the Leviathan is starting to get worked on by a few artists as well, so I'm excited about that...but Palace will come out first and soon....dare I say, mid-July maybe?

And stay tuned...I might flash up the cover art for Palace in a week or two. I think it looks freaking fantastic. Chris Cold does some awesome work!

Stay safe everybody!


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