Ascent of the Leviathan

I've been working hard on the conversions (DCC and OSE) and now the layout for Palace of Unquiet Repose. It's all starting to come together nicely and it is my top priority to get it finished as fast as possible for all the Kickstarter backers. Being able to hire artists to capture the scenes and vibe of the adventure has been an incredible experience!

But I wrote Ascent of the Leviathan about a year ago and still got a few moving pieces in the background. I hired a 5e converter so that I can capture the 5e 'vibe' correctly so that I can offer the adventure with OSR rules and 5e and just received the conversion....To be honest, I was impressed with how OSE is laid out while doing Palace and may convert the adventure to the OSE ruleset for the OSR version. There looks to be some cool changes for the 5e version so I'm excited to delve into that and double check things.

I just received this 'rough draft' (but looks amazing to me!) art piece from Courtney Campbell that gives a hint of what this adventure is all about....

The jellyfish IS the dungeon. On your way to the City of Vermilion, you are chased by pirates and just before the inevitable, violent conflict, this giant thing breaches all your ships. The pirates think its a good idea to send your level 2-4 pansy assess down inside to figure out how to deflate this thing...

Excited to finish this adventure up as well as Lone Palm Atoll, but first....must finish Palace of Unquiet Repose! Onwards!

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