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I'd like to introduce Rabenwonne to the team! Rabenwonne is an artist and has started to delve into OSR. We are excited to have her onboard and part of the team. You can learn more about her in our About page on the website:

She is already starting to draw some art for the upcoming Ascent of the Leviathan adventure!


Palace of Unquiet Repose: Prince has been busy writing Screaming Caverns and now looking over my DCC conversion. I'm almost finished with the OSE conversion. During the conversions, I'm doing additional editing. Art is spilling in....things are coming together!

Ascent of the Leviathan / Lone Palm Atoll: These adventures are being pushed to the side as I focus on Palace, but I got a few pieces of art done and Rabenwonne is working on some more. Grutzi and I are throwing down some ideas for Atoll. Been impressed with OSE since the conversion of Palace and may follow that ruleset for these two adventures.

Subregion: Coppercore: This beast is freaking huge. We have a new toy that we are experimenting with that may show some early sections of this monster project through a Patreon...we will announce what that is all about in the near future but my main focus is still Palace. Ynas has started editing everything. Jon has been working hard on a variety of stuff for it. I'm also getting him to hand draw a world map.

City of Vermilion: People keep asking me about when this is going to come out. It's going to be awhile. It had its shot but I need to finish the above projects first. It will be worth the wait as I keep expanding and improving it. Ascent and Lone Palm Atoll are pre-adventures to Vermilion though and will tie into it. I will say though, that I caught the mapping bug and digitized 8 more maps of areas for Vermilion and have more ideas I want to flesh out. I'm also planning a camping trip soon, which means more hand-drawn maps and brainstorming as I love taking my notebook of graph paper with me. I'm also tempted to convert it from OSRIC to OSE but that may push it back even further. If you have strong opinions either way, would love to hear them in the comments or message me at

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