6 Month Break...'s been a busy last few months. Finished up a few Kickstarters and got two more projects coming out soon:

Peril in Olden Wood

Olden Wood...verdant and dense with thicket and tree. Dangers lurk under shaded boughs, nurtured by wilderness and bloody history. Long ago, it was the domain of faeries and pagan tribes, but civilization arrived at its fringes generations back. Prosperous trade passed easily on roads guarded by holy knights. But in the last generation, the wilderness has slowly reclaimed Olden Wood and traffic has become ever more perilous. Will brave adventurers reestablish man’s domain, or will it be swallowed by dark shadows?

For Levels 3-5.

I consulted/edited this adventure. The author is Ray Weidner. To me, it has a fairy tale vibe as it explores a wilderness area, a few towns and a few dungeons with several situations/encounters. If all goes good, this 90ish page adventure should be released in a few weeks!!

Brine Lord Cassidy's Tomb

While visiting a sea-coast town, PCs hear a call for arms by several excited bards and minstrels! Korwyn, mighty hero of the lands, known for vanquishing the sea devil Dwormer and its minions, seeks experienced volunteers to assist him in recovering treasures from Brine Lord Cassidy’s Tomb! Korwyn claims he has a map to the fifty-year old tomb, a ship full of sailors, a sharpened sword, and wishes to set off at once! Volunteers receive a fair share of the plunder! An adventure for Levels 5-8 using Old School Essentials ruleset.

A passion project created with help from backers of the Voyages on the Zontani Sea and Gyllagoon's Island Kickstarters--including art! This is another romp of an adventure in the Zontani Sea! Other adventures include: The Cauldron, Ascent of the Leviathan, Surgerock Vault, Gyllagoon's Island, and the Zontani Sea Gazette

This project's proceeds will be donated to the NATIONAL FIBROMYLAGIA ASSOCIATION: until Nov. 2022.

The 6 Month Break Part...

I'm giving some tasks to Jon and some of the other merchants, but I plan to be gone for about 6 months while I hike 2,650 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. I made a Youtube channel for my family/friends to watch me attempt to use a GoPro to show off the scenery. Luckily I got a friend who volunteered to do all the video editing and he may add music and stuff--which is great, because it all seems like a pain in the ass, but could be cool (especially if I don't have to do it)? I'm hauling a graph paper notebook for some map work as I'm sure some the views/scenery/experiences will give me some inspiration as I want to finish up Coppercore, City of Vermilion, and some other projects.

If you are curious to see what the trail looks like or listen to me talk of dragons, you are welcome to check it out. Not sure how regular it will be and I won't apologize for my horrible video skills:

Hexcrawl Hiker

Happy Trails!


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