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The Merciless Merchants, operating out of a garage-turned-gaming area, is a small, enthusiastic publishing company that recently expanded to new friends and new continents! Tabletop games is a staple within our lives and we have expanded our hobby to share to other fellow gamers and RPG enthusiasts. The Merciless Merchant's base is a gathering of creative people to produce quality tabletop gaming products by utilizing each other's skills, ideas, creativity, and most importantly the passion for the hobby. We believe with this combination and motivation, our products are superior and are enjoyed by other RPG gamers across the world.


In the beginning, the Merciless Merchants were based upon a group of characters as they strived to survive in the Dragonback Mountains Campaign Setting created by Jon Bertani. Very few survived. These adventures were created and played with for over 30 years, and continue to grow and expand!.....Now we would like to share them with you!  From our table, to yours. 


Axes high brothers and sisters!




In 2nd grade, Aaron tried to come up with a name for his thief character and his friend came up with Malrex. The name stuck through video games and forums. Much later, he learned Malrex meant the "King of Bad" or "Bad King". Oh well, dem's the breaks.

Malrex has been playing D&D for about 37 years and enjoys painting best he can. He day dreams about fantasy and discovered he enjoys writing, mapping, and doing layout for RPG adventures. He enjoys incorporating real life creatures into his own adventures, making them monsters or having other environmental features to give a little 'learning through fun' opportunity.

An avid outdoorsman, Malrex enjoys hiking, camping, and sleeping under the stars. He also enjoys spending time with his wonderful wife and his twin stepdaughters. Every Wednesday night he sits in either a cold ass or sweltering hot garage to play RPG's with Jonbar....dedication!



Greetings all,

Long ago in the days yore I had two great teachers as a wee lad..  Mr. Sabrinski and Mr. Ford,  They introduced me to the Hobbit, and The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.  I'm pretty sure that is where my quest for high adventure began.  When my family made the great trek across the county to the Land of the Giant Redwoods, I proceeded to consume the rest of the Chronicles of Narnia.  This of course continued to nourish 
my hunger for realms beyond our own.    The Lord of the Rings soon followed and I was entranced.  Conan and Elric darkened my concept of who could be heroes.   And of course as so many I'm sure, these great stories were of far more interest then my very mundane schooling.  There 
were so many great stories to read but so little time.

Fortunately a new friend in this new land did see hidden away within my closet a forgotten gift.  A boxed set of D&D..!  And so he did ask  "Do you play?"  And I said "Nay"  And so he and his friends introduced me to 
this marvelous game.   My very first adventure was laid out before me with figurines and a multi level castle made with cardboard walls.  The top levels could be lifted off ,  yet the lower level were still hidden 
by panels of cardboard.   They had secret doors and sliding walls and traps. My first character death was by a green slime....what a way to go,  especially as a newbie.  It was amazing and I was hooked. 
Unfortunately this same fellow was a devious sort and stole a boxed set of 30 figurines from me.  (remember those ?).  By the time I realized the box was missing he had repainted them all in a matter of a few days.  But his older brother was large and ogreish brute and I had not 
yet a magic sword to slay them with.   This taught me about treachery, and oh how my players have been tormented since.  But I'm not bitter...

As it happens this game followed me into adulthood and many great and grand adventures were had.   Took some trips to Europe and learned what real castles and dungeons were like and began writing my grand adventure.  I've studied martial arts for decades and concluded that a 
Critical hit on paper doesn't feel so bad as a foot upside the head.   
I've gathered a fine collection of players about me,  most of which are seemingly more intelligent than I as I have now been DMing longer than I 
haven't been...  I've created volumes of material over the decades and continue to do so.   Our adventuring group eventually became known as 
the Merciless Merchants.  This was due to their "leaving no copper behind" mentality.  Other characters perhaps,  but treasure never.

Luckily for me I met a wonderful woman who tolerates all this nonsense 
and a good friend who is now with his own incredible creativity making it possible to bring all of this to you.

We humbly hope you all enjoy what we have created.




Artist: Emmanuel "Lema" Martinez

PrinceofNothing is a handsome dutchman with loud opinions and a passion for RPGS, science-fiction/fantasy literature and yelling at things on the internet. When he isn't writing ten part reviews of fantasy-role playing games, running roleplaying games, stealing his alias from the novels of R.Scott Bakker, interacting with his girlfriend or working for a damn living, he exists in a state of tortured non-being. There, in the endless dark, Nameless Things whisper their hideous secrets. Prince listens. 

PrinceofNothing has reviewed over a hundred adventures, supplements, rpgs and shows no sign of stopping. After reviewing The Chest by Aaron Fairbrook, a pact was struck between man and prince. Two souls became as one. A new being of Flesh and Shadow bestrode the world. Adventures of subtle craft and terrible potency were wrought in darkness, beyond prying eyes with arts unknown. 

Look to the horizon and despair. Great Works are in the making.   



Through some cruel twist of fate Grützi grew up without knowing of the wonderful worlds of tabletop roleplaying games and the like. So when a friend offered to take him to a game of D&D after school one day he had no idea what he was getting himself into.

Years of unused creative energy burst forth that day and Grützi knew he had found his calling.

So after a time of trying damn near any system he could get his hands on, having his edgy vampire-phase, a short dip into the realms of storygames and other stranger stuff ... he finally settled firm and square into the old-school scene centered around D&D and similar systems. While he still retains an open mind about most roleplay-related stuff (or at least tries to do so) and is willing to try each system at least once ... he nonetheless played enough systems to know his own style and preferences well enough to avoid drama and heartbreak.

And finally, after lurking online on forums, reading blogs of notorius and infamous reviewers and watching the ebb and flow of drama and shitstorms in the roleplaying scene for a few years ... he decided to take a more active approach and began actually interacting with people.

Played a few games online, took part in a little adventure contest, posted on a forum and some blogs which all lead to him getting in contact with a shockingly nice guy named Malrex.

Long story short ... messages were written, ideas exchanged, offers made ...and now Grützi will be slaving away for his newfound masters ... eh ... working with the other Merciless Merchants to bring you cool and exciting adventures and make our esteemed hobby grander and better ... one adventure at a time.

And when he is not writing mails with the other merchants he works a normal job in electronics, tries to be a good father for his two children (who are too little to play themselves but at least like to steal his dice) and a good husband for his wonderful wife (who often needs to have the patience of an angel), organizes a little rp-convention in his hometown twice a year, is the head of the local rp-club an generally tries to be a decent human being all in all.

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Ynas Midgard

An avid tabletop gamer for more than 15 years, Ynas has almost always
been on GM duty (by choice, too). Before encountering the OSR, he'd chiefly run D&D 3.0, Vampire: the Masquerade, World of Darkness, Werewolf: the Forsaken, and Rifts - but playing a single session in Urban's Pnakotic Ruins campaign and then reading Melan's Kard és Mágia (Sword & Magic) booklets changed his life.

Since then, Ynas has blogged about his campaigns, reviewed numerous old-school games, and copy-edited a number of products. He is fascinated by megadungeons of all types, house rule documents, and
procedures. He is often torn between grim and gritty realism and
psychedelic soul journeys, and his long-running campaigns feature an equal amount of survival horror, melodrama, and farce.



Rabenwonne has always been an avid reader, writer and passionate player of story-driven roleplaying games. It was years later that she first encountered D&D and its wonderful player community. Which she whole-heartedly plunged into.


Rabenwonne ended up married to a wonderful guy whose head is permanently filled with roleplaying related stuff. World building, plot design, mechanics and just the ups and downs of the community are therefore a loved part of everyday life.


She holds a master’s degree in Human-Centered Design/ User Experience Design and a passion for art, layout and illustration.


Lately, OSR has had a special allure to her, but those old ways are nothing but new to her.

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